FAQs NutriBears Gummies - Multivitamin Gummies for Kids

Frequently asked

How do I know if my child needs nutrition supplements?

Which nutritional supplement should I give my child to boost immunity?

What are the ingredients in NutriBears?

While NutriBears gummy vitamins are nutritional supplements, they will surely contain sugar which can be unhealthy for my cild.

How long does a bottle of NutriBears last?

Can adults consume these nutritional supplements?

What happens if my child consumes more than one gummy a day?

When is it best for my child to have the gummy?

Are NutriBears gummies natural?

Do NutriBears gummies contain sugar?

How many variants does NutriBears have?

What is the difference between the Vitamin D and Calcium + Vitamin D gummy?

What age group can it be given to?

For how long should I give NutriBears to my kid?

Where should I store the gummy vitamins?

Does your product cure vitamin and mineral deficiency?

Can't we get all the vitamins and minerals from natural foods?