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NutriBears Calcium with Vitamin D Gummies for Kids and Teens, For Strong Teeth and Bones

Bone Support for Kids

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NutriBears Calcium and Vitamin D Gummies (2 Month Pack)
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A Healthy Routine for Strong Bone Health

It is important to focus on a child’s nutritional needs during their growth years. During their growth years, a child's body is highly active and their metabolism is high. It is during this phase of life that parents must pay attention to ensure their children get enough calcium and vitamins intake to make their bones stronger. Research suggests that lack of Vitamin D in children can lead to adverse effects like growth failure and rickets. Vitamin D also plays a vital role in the immune system by protecting against viral respiratory infections, especially which makes vitamin D all the more important in these times of Covid-19. Although most households in India tend to serve milk to their children as a source of calcium, chances are some kids do not prefer drinking milk or may be fussy eaters. Are you worried that your child’s bone health might be at risk? Then we got the perfect solution for you.

Introducing to you, NutriBears Calcium and Vitamin D Gummies packed with Vitamin D and Calcium which provides all the essential nutrients to your child to develop strong bone health. It is specially formulated for your child’s growing, developing bodies. Not just bones, it also helps children develop strong teeth. As children grow, their temporary teeth tend to fall off and give rise to permanent teeth. To aid this formation of permanent teeth, it is recommended that children must be given gummies to support the development of strong and healthy teeth. Our gummies are made with natural ingredients which are gluten-free and vegetarian. They do not contain dairy, soy, or peanuts. Hence they need no refrigeration. Our gummies are 100% vegetarian and packed with nutrients.

NutriBears Calcium and Vitamin D Gummies are made for all types of children such as fussy eaters, picky eaters, flavor eaters, etc. These gummies can be consumed by children above the age of five years, not only do these gummies fulfill any nutrition gaps but can also be included as a part of your child's normal diet. 

Did you know our bones and teeth contain 99% calcium? During the pandemic, studies suggest that children today are spending more hours indoors in front of a television or computer rather than playing outdoors. It is noticed that the fitness levels among children are seeing a steep decline and the levels of obesity rising. 

Since children are spending less time outdoors and a significant amount of time indoors, they are prone to deficiency of Vitamin D and calcium which can make them more cranky and less social. For optimum fitness and an active body, children must spend at least 35 to 60 minutes of physical activity. Without this, a child’s bone health suffers. While lifestyle changes are unavoidable, parents can opt for gummy vitamins for strong bones to increase flexibility & mobility as well as strong joints. 


What are some important benefits of bone health for my child?

Strong and healthy bones provide support for the body as well as give it the right structure required. They not only protect the organs but also act as a shield against any accidents or injuries. They improve balance, coordination, and movement. Hence, consuming gummies act as a great source of vitamins for strong bones

Who might need to take this product?

Children who generally tend to spend a great amount of time indoors do not spend a lot of time outdoors or do not get much sun exposure. 

What is the recommended dosage?

It is recommended to take one gummy a day

How do I store these gummies?

NutriBears Calcium and Vitamin D Gummies do not need any refrigeration. However, please store it in a cool, dry place.

When is the best time of day to take NutriBears Calcium and Vitamin D Gummies?

Generally, any time of day is fine. Try to take NutriBears Calcium and Vitamin D Gummies at the same time each day to ensure that your children form a routine.