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Vitamin D Gummies for Kids

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NutriBears Daily Vitamin D Gummies (2 Month Pack)
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Sunshine Boost Every day

Ensuring your kids are getting the right amount of nutrients isn’t easy. It is even harder getting them to swallow a spoonful of nutrients from their plate. Parents can get exhausted due to this. Hence, we have formulated nutritional gummy vitamins made of natural ingredients to cater to the growing needs of kids. Our gummies contain Vitamin D for a balanced mood and support healthy bone and tooth development. Regular consumption of NutriBears Daily Vitamin D Gummies for kids can help to

1) strengthen your kid’s immune system

2) boost energy and maintain a balanced mood

3) aid in the development of stronger bones and teeth

4) improve eyesight, as well as skin health

5) provide essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to a growing child

6) prevents Vitamin D deficiencies and chances of Anaemia

7) keep your kid’s nervous system healthy

8) sharpen your kid’s memory and learning capacity

Here's what Mr. Mohan has to say about us:

"These are delicious. After a lot of research, I decided to give NutriBears Daily Vitamin D Gummies a try. My son has been taking them for over a year now and it has really helped my extremely active kiddo"


1) Why does my kid need Vitamin D gummies?

Kids need Vitamin D to build strong bones. In case of an injury or surgery, Vitamin D helps the bones to heal faster.

2) Can these gummies be given daily?

Yes, you can. NutriBears Daily Vitamin D Gummies for kids provide all essential nutrients to your growing kids. They are tasty and easy to chew. 

3) How do I serve these gummies for best results?

We recommend you serve one gummy a day to your kid consistently for six months with a balanced diet for best results.

4) What is the recommended dosage?

It is recommended to take one gummy a day. Please do not serve more than one gummy to your kids.