India's first
Gummy Bear Vitamins

NutriBears was launched in the year 2012 when we tied up with Supplement Sciences Inc, a Washington Incorporation that was part of a group of companies that owned the USA’s No. 1 brand L'il Critters. To sustain the business we now have it manufactured in USFDA registered facility in India with the same trusted technology of USA.

As a parent, if you are concerned about your child’s health, growth and immunity, we offer the perfect solution. We understand the different dietary & nutritional requirements of Indian kids, and no matter what dietary chart you follow, there will be important nutrients that can be missed.

Therefore, our products are specifically designed for teens and kids based on their varied nutritional requirements.

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There is no escaping the tantrums that come with nutritional supplements like milk powders & pills for kids. Our aim was to develop supplements that are not only healthy but savoured by your little ones and create a positive experience for them. After all, health and nutrition doesn’t always have to be associated with a negative emotion.

Our products have been developed after extensive R&D to cater to the needs of Indian kids and teens. 

We have been able to reach more than 1,50,000 households and win the hearts of hundreds of parents across India. So, if you are a parent looking for nutritional supplements that your child would love to take without any tantrums, order NutriBears’ gummy bear vitamins now.