NutriBears Daily Vitamin D Gummies

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Give your child a much-needed boost from the sun without ever stepping outdoors with a delicious NutriBears Vitamin D gummy made just for kids.

Soaking up the sun provides your kids a wonderful way to boost their Vitamin D levels, but you don’t always want them to gain too much exposure and damage or dry out their skin. That’s why we created a smarter, safer year-round solution with NutriBears Vitamin D Gummies. Providing a healthy boost of Vitamin D that can impact mood and focus our gummies give kids the support they need through every season.

NutriBears gummies are specially designed to give children the nutrition they are missing out on. Formulated for children with limited exposure to sunlight and negligible quantities of Vitamin D in regular diet, these dietary supplements help boost your child’s much needed Vitamin D levels.

Increase Calcium Absorption

Vitamin D offers more than just a “sunshine boost” is also helps your child absorb calcium from milk and other sources more effectively. In fact, our bear-shaped gummies make a smarter alternative to powders, capsules, and pills because they taste better, work more efficiently, and help with building strong teeth and bones. All while coming in a delicious lemonade flavour that kids love.

Product Details:

  • Vitamin D Gummies for Kids
  • Contains 400 IU of Vitamin D
  • Natural Colours and Flavours
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly
  • No Added Preservatives
  • Gluten, Lactose, and Gelatin Free
  • HAACP and ISO Certified
  • USFDA Registered Facility
  • Child-Proof Safe Cap
  • Bottle Volume: 30 Gummy Chews

Help your child maintain a happy, healthy focus while building strong teeth and bones with a Vitamin D gummy that even improves calcium absorption. Get a bottle of NutriBears today by clicking Add to Cart above.

You can give your child of 5 years and plus, one gummy bear vitamin everyday preferably post their meal.

NutriBears gummy bear vitamins should be taken regularly for 6 months for best results.

NutriBears is 100% vegetarian pectin based formula made from extracts of citrus fruits. These gummy bear vitamins are free from all food allergens, such as gelatin, wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, soy tree nuts, peanuts, animal derivatives, artificial colours and preservatives.

We have made a conscious effort to ensure that taste does not come at the cost of too much sugar.

Getting picky kids to take their vitamins every day is challenging, especially if they come in liquid or pill form.

That’s why we created this advanced Gummy Bear Vitamins.


NutriBears gummy bear vitamins are recommended for an age group of 5 years and above.

For Children below 5 years of age, this product should be used under the medical advise of a Paediatrician.

Our body does not store all essential vitamins and minerals that we get through food, and some have to be replenished regularly. While every parents' efforts are towards providing the complete diet to their child, some vitamins and minerals might not be sufficient. Which is why, nutritional supplements like NutriBears are required to help balance the nutritions out.

A bottle of NutriBears contains 30 gummies, and should last for a month. It is recommended to give your child one gummy everyday for a period of 6 months for best results.

NutriBears gummy bear vitamins are specially designed to help children get nutritional support they may need every day. So, you should give your child NutriBears gummies daily over a period of 6 months.

Yes, they most definitely are. NutriBears gummy vitamins are made with all-natural fruit flavours and colours. The gummies are free from all food allergens, such as gelatin, wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, soy tree nuts, peanuts, animal derivatives, artificial colours and preservatives.

NutriBears Gummies can be given to children aged above 5 years without any prescription from Doctors. Infact many Paediatricians do prescribe NutriBears as it helps fulfil any nutritional gaps that arises from fussy eating habits.

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