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Gummies for Healthier Hair

Rs. 545.00 Regular price Rs. 795.00
Color - 1 Month Pack
Hair Gummies
Rs. 545.00
  • Thicker, Stronger Strands
  • Improves Overall Wellbeing
  • Nourishes Skin & Nails


Infused with a unique blend of biotin, folate, zinc, multivitamins, iodine and inositol, our hair health gummies are formulated to help your hair become stronger & healthier from root to tip.

Our Biotin + Multivitamin based gummies nourish each strand internally, enhancing overall strength and reducing issues like breakage, split ends, and dullness. The complex blend of Vitamins A, C, & E helps reduce signs of aging & enhances skin radiance. These gummies also help prevent nail breakage & improve overall nail health.

Only 1.6 grams of sugar per gummy.


  • Pectin
    Unlike Gelatin-Based Gummies that are tough on tummies, our Gummies are made with pectin derived from citrus fruits making them easier to Digest.
  • Hair-Boosting Biotin
    Biotin isn’t just great for your hair, it also plays a positive role in imrpoving the overall health of skin and nails by stimulating keratin synthesis.
  • Vitamin Complex
    Our hair supplement features a complex blend of vitamins A, B6, B12, C, & E providing a well-rounded support, so that you get consistent results.
  • All-Natural Flavours
    The unique and all natural flavour of strawberry helps give delicious taste as well as 100% natural color to our Hair Health gummies.
  • What's in:

    Biotin, Folate, Zinc,Vitamin A, B6, B12,C,E, Iodine, Inositol, Pectin.

  • What's out:

    Artificial sweeteners like Maltitol, FOS & Sorbitol, Synthetic Vitamins, Artificial Colours & Preservatives.

  • Suggested for:

    These gummy vitamins are suggested for adults aged 18 and above.

  • Dosage:

    Take one gummy, preferably with a meal.