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The Bears' History

We are India's 1st Gummy Vitamin!

NutriBears was established in 2012 through a partnership with Supplement Sciences Inc., a Washington-based company that was part of a group of companies that owned L'il Critters, the top-selling kids' supplement brand in the USA. Since then, our business has expanded to meet increased demand, and we now manufacture our products in a USFDA-registered facility in India, using the same trusted technology that is used in the USA to achieve a consistent supply of high-quality NutriBears gummies.

A healthy & tasty solution that creates a positive experience for your kid's overall growth.

As parents, we all aim to get the best and right nutrition for our growing children. Sometimes even after following a strict and healthy diet for kids, some important nutrients are still missed. As a result of which, 1 in every 3 kids in India suffers some form of micronutrient deficiency. Accompanied by these statistics, our kids too have their own tantrums when it comes to nutritional supplements like milk powders & pills for kids. To combat all of this & with an aim to develop supplements that are not only healthy but can be savoured by your lil' ones, we created NutriBears Gummies!

"Ending Micronutrient Deficiency in Kids, One Gummy at a Time."