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Why Choose Multivitamin Gummies for Kids?

Multivitamin Gummy Bears
Vitamin Gummies Bear

Helps Fill Nutritional Gaps

1 in 3 kids in India suffer from a micronutrient deficiency. NutriBears helps provide the extra support kids need with tasty nutritional gummies.

Solution For Fussy Eaters

Getting picky kids to take their Vitamins every day is challenging. NutriBears is a healthy & tasty solution for both kids and teens to get that easy nutrition.

What Experts & Parents think

Dr. Seema Misra

Senior Consultant in Paediatrics

"NutriBears is a brilliant concept of delivering health in an innovative way to our little ones. I have been recommending these gummies to my patients."



The best alternative to vitamin syrups and tablets. Yes! Guys, these gummies are actually very good for your kids’ growth.



They are super delicious in taste and enjoyable dietary supplements; kids can very easily chew them up and fulfill their daily nutritional requirements😋.



Very tasty gummies with good flavour. It's a full source of all types vitamin for child's growth. Also better for immunity increase in a tasty way.

Poojitha Jawahar

Senior Manager - Flipkart

"I think the gummies are a win for my girls. They have liked it from the first taste they've had."

Dr. Eash Hoskote

Consultant Paediatrician

"I have been recommending NutriBears to my patients for the past 8 years, and till date, all the parents have been very satisfied with the gummies."

Multivitamin Gummies for Growth & Immunity Support
Multivitamin Gummies for Growth & Immunity Support

Kids Daily Multivitamin - Strawberry & Lemonade

Time to say goodbye to fussy eating with the fuss-free solution of NutriBears Multivitamin Gummies for kids. Filled with the goodness of 11 essential vitamins & minerals, give your kids the best there is!

Solution for Fussy Eaters

Nourishing and Delicious Support

Getting picky kids to take their vitamins every day is challenging, especially if they come in liquid or pill form. That’s why we created a smarter solution for filling the gaps in your child’s diet with this advanced NutriBears Kid’s Multivitamin Gummy supplement.

Fortified with a vitamin complex that contains Vitamins A, B5, B12, C, D, and E, as well as Folic Acid, Iodine, Magnesium and Zinc, our vitamin gummies taste great and give your child the boost they need to be at their physical and mental best.

NutriBears Calcium plus Vitamin D Gummies for kids
NutriBears Calcium plus Vitamin D Gummies for kids

Kids Calcium + Vit.D - Strawberry & Mango

For every kid who hates drinking milk, there’s a tasty & healthy alternative in the form of NutriBears Calcium Gummies. 2 gummies contain as much Calcium as 1 glass of milk to help your kid develop strong bones & teeth in their growing years.

Solution for Milk Haters

Strengthens Teeth & Bones

Sensitive tummies & picky eaters can stop worrying about calcium & Vit D intake because NutriBears Calcium gummies has everything in it.

Gummies provide just the right support for maintaining good dental health, increasing bone density & nourishing bodies of growing kids.

Nutribears Vitamin D Gummies
Nutribears Vitamin D Gummies

Daily Vitamin D Gummies - Lemonade Flavour

Direct sunlight may not be the best way to get Vitamin D, but taking the NutriBears Vitamin D Gummy definitely is! Give your kid the power of sun without the harmful rays in the form of our healthy & tasty gummies.

Prevent Vit D Deficiency

Avoid Sun Exposure, Not Vit D

A smart choice for kids with special dietary needs, our gummy vitamins provide 100% of RDA with 400 IU of Vitamin D per serving, helping them become stronger & sharper.

Made for kids with limited exposure to sunlight & negligible quantities of Vit D in regular diet - it helps avoid too much sun & protects their skin.

NutriBears Immuno Boost Gummies for kids
NutriBears Immuno Boost Gummies for kids

Daily Immuno Boost - Raw Mango Flavour

Help your kids develop a strong immune system and fight off infections easily with NutriBears Immuno Boost Gummies. Let the gummies rich in antioxidants form a protective layer around your kid.

Strengthens Immunity System

Rich in Healthy Antioxidants

Packed with natural vitamins & minerals to strengthen your kid's defense year-round & help fight allergy seasons and beyond.

Contains an essential blend of elderberries and blueberries which contain vital antioxidants to protect your kid's body at the cellular level.