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Boost Your Defense Naturally

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Color - 1 Month
Immuno Gummies
Rs. 345.00
  • Blend of Elderberry and Blueberry
  • Advanced Antioxidants C, E & Zinc
  • In Raw Mango Flavour

Helps in Immune Health

Keeping the immune system strong all throughout the year can mean the difference between getting sick and feeling strong and healthy. And if you aren’t giving your body the right nutrients you’re leaving gaps in your immune defense coverage.

We developed NutriBears Immuno Boost Gummies as a well-rounded immunity booster that contains powerful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are all working together to keep your body powered up and ready to take on every new season or change in the weather.



  • Pectin
    Our gummies are made with pectin derived from citrus fruits, making them a perfect vegan-friendly treat.
  • Elderberries & Blueberries
    Both have a high antioxidant content, which can benefit things like skin, hair, muscles, joints, and so much more.
  • Vitamin C & Zinc
    Our gummies contain Vitamin C & Zinc, powerful antioxidants for a great immunity boost.
  • Raw Mango Flavour
    The distinct, natural flavour of raw mango lend a great taste to our Immuno Boost Gummies.
  • What's in:

    Pectin from Citrus Fruits, Proprietary Vitamin Blend, Natural Sugar, Raw mango Flavour, Natural Curcumin Colours, Natural Elderberry and Blueberry Extract.

  • What's out:

    Artificial sweeteners like Stevia, Maltitol, FOS & Sorbitol Xylitol, Isomaltitol, Mannitol, Synthetic Vitamins, Artificial Colours & Preservatives.

  • Suggested for:

    These gummy vitamins aren't just for the kiddos aged 5 to 17 years; even adults can indulge in some yummy treats!

  • Dosage:

    1 Gummy a day! For best results take it regularly for 6 months.

"Best immunity boosting gummies for kids"

Somya Gupta

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