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Embarking on Well-being: The Benefits of Calcium for Children

Embarking on Well-being: The Benefits of Calcium for Children

Embarking on Well-being: The Benefits of Calcium for Children

For the growth of strong bones and teeth, the mineral calcium is necessary. Almost 99 percent of calcium is found in bones and teeth. Calcium is included in many foods, including milk, cheese, yogurt, and dark-green leafy vegetables like collard greens or kale. However, most kids and teenagers don't consume enough calcium to reach their peak bone mass. This is why it's crucial that your child consumes enough calcium every day.

The period of childhood and adolescence when bone growth is most active is when children require calcium the most. As they grow, children lay the groundwork for strong bones later in life. By 18 (for girls) or 20 (for boys), 90% of people have reached their ideal bone mass. By then, bones have reached their maximum strength and density, so early bone health investment is crucial. The greater the peak bone mass developed during childhood, the lower the risk of developing weak bones later in life.

If the body does not receive enough calcium from food or supplements, it will take calcium from other sources, such as the bones. There should eventually be a replacement for the calcium that is "borrowed" from the bones. Although it would be ideal if kids could get the calcium they require through a calcium-rich diet, this is frequently not possible. Nowadays, kids frequently do not get the recommended daily intake of vegetables and other nutrients. They are too picky to consume all the healthy foods. But one nutrient that children simply cannot afford to skip is calcium. Supplements, such as NutriBears Calcium + Vitamin D, can serve as a beneficial means to ensure adequate calcium levels.

The Importance of Calcium for Your Child:

The key period for getting enough calcium is during childhood. People gradually lose bone density as they age, and bone calcium levels start to decline in young adulthood. There are three main reasons you should ensure your child gets the recommended amount of calcium each day:

  1. Developing Bones Healthily: Children need calcium at levels that will support the development of strong bones and combat bone loss later in life because bones grow rapidly during childhood and adolescence. An important factor as children grow into adults is proper calcium intake, which supports healthy bone density.

  2. Dietary Lifestyle: The way of life we lead today does not always promote getting enough calcium. Children who consume soda, energizing drinks, or caffeinated beverages absorb even less calcium. Additionally, drinking a lot of sugary sodas can result in tooth decay.

  3. More Than Just Bones: Calcium is well known for being a component in the formation of bones and teeth, but it is also essential for the proper development of your child's heart and nervous system.

Supplements with calcium:

It's crucial to choose a calcium supplement that the body will absorb to receive the benefits of this essential mineral. Calcium and mineral supplements should be taken to return calcium levels to normal. Your child will receive essential nutrients from NutriBears Calcium + Vitamin D needed for Complete Bone Support for kids. Calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus work together as a potent combination to help create and maintain strong, healthy bones.

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