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Myths about Multivitamins Debunked

Myths about Multivitamins Debunked

Myths about Multivitamins Debunked

Vitamins shape your kid's health. Getting a proper vitamin intake at a young age always proves beneficial in the long run. Giving them the daily dose of health can be difficult, especially if they are picky eaters. You can add supplements to their diet to make it healthier and more enjoyable. 

Are you wondering how to give them an efficient dose? Vitamin Supplements can be your go-to option, and we know you may have some misconceptions about them. This blog is all about busting the Myths attached to the supplements. 

Generally, we get questions like, Do kids really need the supplements, aren’t they dangerous, what is the precious intake, etc. Let’s take you through all these questions. 

1. Do kids need vitamin supplements? 

It depends on the kid’s health and some other factors like

  • If your kid is a fussy eater, they might not get an efficient intake of the vitamins and may lose some vital nutrients & vitamins essential for their growth. 
  • Secondly, if your kid frequently suffers from health problems, it might be a sign of some vitamin deficiency, and giving them the appropriate nutrients can help. 
  • Or do your child prefers to stay indoors? In this condition, they may lose the essential vitamin for strong bone formation, Vitamin D. Giving this vitamin from gummies can be easier for you and tastier for them. 

If your child possesses any of these qualities or you notice any changes with time, you may consult a doctor/pediatrician for further know-how. 

2. Aren’t supplements dangerous for kids’ health? 

  • Taking multivitamins is quite normal. Just be sure you are giving your kid the prescribed dosage and not more than that. 
  • Multivitamin gummies come with 11 vital nutrients beneficial for your little one’s health. But if consumed at a higher dosage, they may have some side effects. For your kid’s sound health, you should always consult a pediatrician or check the dosage on the manufacturer’s label. 

Supplements aren’t dangerous when taken in an appropriate dosage. In turn, they help in improvising your kid’s health and daily wellness. 

3. When should you give them the supplements? 

  • We recommend that the appropriate age by which you can give supplements to your kids is five years and above. 
  • If you see a delay in their growth and development, you can consult a doctor/pediatrician and start early too. 

4. Are supplements really essential for kids? 

  • Yes, supplements ensure the overall intake of vitamins and nutrients crucial for your child’s growth and development. 
  • 1 out of 3 kids suffers from a nutritional gap in India. Healthy gummies help fill this gap with a smile on your kid’s face. 
  • Moreover, if your child is on a restrictive diet (a vegan diet), they might lose the intake of most requisite vitamin B12 that the supplements can compensate for. 

Concluding it, multivitamins are a great source of crucial vitamin intake. Though you may have doubts and dilemmas, you can always consult with the pediatrician. Adding on to this point, NutriBears carries ten years of pediatrician trust and continues to give Healthy treats to Happy faces. 

Your kids need vitamins like Zinc, A, B, C, D, and more in their initial growth phase for their growth, health, and wellness. If these are to the mark, you’ll be worry-free about 

  • Their fussy eating
  • Their immune system
  • Their illness 

You’ll find various gummy’s brands out there but choosing the right one makes a difference. Get your hands on the brand which is 

  • 100% vegetarian and natural 
  • Gluten, Lactose, and Gelatin free
  • USFDA Registered 
  • And carries ten years of pediatrician trust 

NutriBears Multivitamin contains all the essential vitamins conveyed above, plus seven more, to make sure your kid eats right! We carry a range NutriBears Gummies to support your kid’s health. Whether it’s your calcium needs, Immune needs, or Multivitamin needs, we are here to give you a bear hug of healthiness along with the taste. Choose right, Choose taste, Choose NutriBears. 

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