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5 Immune Boosting Vitamins That are Vital For Your Kid

5 Immune Boosting Vitamins That are Vital For Your Kid

5 Immune Boosting Vitamins That are Vital For Your Kid

It is important to take care of your kids’ health as soon as possible. Many vitamins help to boost the immune system. These are essential to keep your kid’s health on track and prevent sickness. The immune system is the body’s natural defense against bacteria, viruses, and other foreign invaders. They are composed of organs, tissues, and cells that work together to protect the body from infection. In kids, a strong immune system can help them fight off common childhood illnesses like colds or the flu. If your kid’s immune system is weak, then they are easily susceptible to illness. Because of urbanization and industrialization in the modern era, there is a subsequent lack of nutrients in the soil and poor diet choices, due to which many kids are left with vitamin deficiencies.

Research shows that supplementary nutrients like NutriBears Daily Vitamin D Gummies which include minerals and vitamins are valuable in supporting and strengthening the immune system as well as promoting longevity. A mother’s biggest worry is to ensure that her kid receives the best nutrition and stays hale and happy. While there are many ways to boost your kid’s immunity and make sure they stay healthy throughout their lives by consuming nutritious food, getting eight hours of sleep, regular exercise.

However, because of hectic lifestyles, the intake of these vitamins may be missed out. In this blog, we cover 10 immune-boosting vitamins that are vital for your child’s health and well-being. Read on.

 Vitamin A: This vitamin is crucial for the healthy functioning of our eyes, skin, and immune system. It also helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Some of the best sources of Vitamin A include carrot juice, cooked sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, kale, vegetable soup, apricots, cooked broccoli, papaya. We must encourage kids to drink a glass of milk every day since it has lots of Vitamin A. You can also provide them with other milk-based items such as eggs and cheese.

Vitamin B12: This vitamin is important for blood formation and DNA synthesis. It also helps with energy levels, mental health, and the production of red blood cells. Did you know it is difficult for the body to produce and store vitamins like B12? Experts recommend that your kid’s diet must include supplements such as gummies which provide the body with a steady supply of this immune-boosting vitamin. Some signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency may appear as fatigue, weakness, memory loss, confusion, loss of appetite, or depression.

NutriBears Immuno Boost Gummies contain elderberries and blueberries which are rich in antioxidants. They can be consumed easily by kids above 5 years. Our gummies are 100% gluten, lactose, and gelatin free.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is necessary for maintaining a healthy immune system by boosting the production of white blood cells that fight infection in our body. It also boosts collagen production, which helps keep skin young and healthy-looking as well as providing anti-aging benefits to hair follicles. When choosing which form of Vitamin C to provide, you want to choose a form that is easy for your child to take and that they will continue to take. Some parents choose to give their kids a medley of several styles of vitamins to make sure they get the benefit of all the nutrients. Some forms of Vitamin C can be chewable or health pills, powders, or gummies. Gummies are an easy way to ensure your child is getting the right amount of nutrients with no fuss. Check out a range of our gummies here that are crafted for your child’s good health.

Vitamin D: Helps to absorb calcium for healthy bones and teeth, as well as phosphorus for a healthy brain and nervous system. It enhances the body’s natural defenses against infection, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, obesity, and depression. A lack of Vitamin D deficiency may cause upper respiratory infections, including the flu and asthma. NutriBears Daily Vitamin D Gummies are loaded with powerful antioxidants from Elderberry & Blueberry extracts. It helps your kid to combat stress and ensures higher energy levels.


Zinc: Zinc plays an important role in the development of the immune, nervous and reproductive systems, cognitive development, and gut health in a kid. It is one of the most crucial micronutrients required for the holistic development of your kid. Zinc is important for the growth of cells in the body, the creation of DNA, healing damaged tissues in case of an accident or injury. A human body doesn’t store zinc, therefore one needs to consume foods that are rich in zinc to ensure there isn’t a deficiency. Pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chickpeas, sesame seeds, quinoa, mushrooms, and spinach are rich sources of zinc.

Parents always want the best for their kids. Occasionally, a healthy child might fall sick, and this shows their immune system is weak. To support a strong immune system, the best thing a parent can do is to ensure that their kid consumes the right amount of nutrients, gets enough sleep, and exercises well. One key indicator that a parent must always look out to check if their kid has a healthy immune system is to see how soon they recover from their illness, such as the flu, cold, or cough.

 As we continue to take the best of precautions to avoid COVID-19 and its new strains such as Delta or Omnicron. Now is the right time to strengthen our immune systems to battle the virus. While most of us still rely on the internet to know the best food we must consume or avoid, it is always advisable to consume essential nutrients as gummies to boost the immune system and bridge any nutritional gaps.

If you are looking for a pack of immunity-boosting vitamin gummies specifically for your kids, look no further. We made our gummies for many children, such as fussy eaters, picky eaters, flavor eaters, etc. These gummies can be included as a part of your kid’s regular diet. We recommend taking one gummy a day. Please ensure your kid chews and then swallows them.

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