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Calcium gummies

Best Calcium Gummies - Your Daily Calcium Intake Is Now Sorted

Best Calcium Gummies - Your Daily Calcium Intake Is Now Sorted

Calcium is a mineral marvel that is bone and teeth strengthening. It is essential for the growth and development of kids and teens. Calcium is available in many foods, especially dairy products, but many kids fail to get the recommended amount. If you suspect your kid is not getting enough of it, you should fill the gap using supplements. While there is a multitude of options when it comes to supplements, calcium gummies are the most popular among kids.

Why Chewable Supplements?

Kids from ages 4 to 18 years need a calcium intake of 700mg to 1300 mg. If your kid is a picky eater and hates taking pills, then an easy alternative is to take chewable supplements. These get dissolved before it reaches the stomach and is suitable for kids with a weak digestive system and those who are fussy about the aftertaste of these in tablet form.

  • Calcium chews come in appealing flavours and are the most convenient choice for parents to fill the nutritional gaps.
  • These come in individual wraps and can be given into the lunch bags.
  • They come in many shapes ranging from the usual square and round to animal-shaped chewables targeted at kids.
  • It is suitable for all ages starting from 4 years and up.

Choose Calcium Gummies with Vitamin D

When picking the best calcium gummies, ensure that they include Vitamin D. It is an essential nutrient that the body needs to absorb calcium. Does it mean you must take Vitamin D and Calcium together to facilitate absorption? No, if the body is already getting enough Vitamin D through foods and sunlight exposure, there is no need for extra D in your calcium gummies. However, since many calcium gummies come with Vitamin D, why not utilize the option if you are not getting enough of it?

Best Types of Calcium Gummies

Calcium + Vitamin D for Nutritional Needs

If your child does not like to drink milk or is lactose intolerant, choose this type of calcium gummies. This enables you to fill the nutritional needs of your child and also make it an enjoyable one as it is tasty and flavorful. Pick one that these do not contain artificial colours and flavours.

Calcium + Vitamin D for Stronger Bones and Teeth

One of the main functions of calcium in kids is to make the bones and teeth healthy. If, for some reason, you suspect that your kid's bones or teeth are not strong, pick these gummies. Some of these have choices of being gluten-free for those kids with allergies to soy, nuts, and milk.

Calcium +Vitamin D for a Vegan diet

Kids who follow a vegan diet need extra nutritional supplementation, including a mix of phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin D. The entire family can have these. Still, the exact dosage needs to be determined based on the brand.

The above are some of the best gummies available, but there are more choices. It comes in many flavours, which range from strawberry, orange, grape, and more. Thanks to these many flavours, your kids never get bored, and your kid's calcium intake is sorted!


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